Raclette Cheese Tower / Melter

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Demo Model! The Raclette Cheese Tower from the French company LaGrange takes a different approach to raclette melting. It has two heating elements where either the usual small raclette dishes can be used or to use the bigger pan. The bigger pan can be used for other kind of cheeses (like Camembert or Brie) which allows for a wider variety of recipes. For our Canadian customers you can also use this for Reblochon, a cheese not available in the US. The top of the tower is used for keeping potatoes or other side dishes warm, it's not intended to grill on it. The cheese tower is adjustable according to the number of guests (2 independent cooking shelves), it is also very compact as it takes up minimum space on the table and has a built-in pan-holder.
- 8 cast aluminum raclette dishes with PFOA-free non-stick coating and beech wood handles
- 2 cast aluminum large cheese pans (6.3" diameter) with PFOA-free non-stick coating and beech wood handles
- Polished wood base with stainless steel insert: use this to store you dishes
- 3 ultra-sturdy removable shelves in tempered glass with stainless steel outer bands
- 2 On/Off switches with indicator light
- 8 wooden spatulas
- 2 x 450W / 120V / 60Hz
- Made in France

    Some additonal information:
    o   The cooking unit uses heat reflectors to capture the heat for the cooking areas. There are 2 reflectors for broiling and cooking.
    o   The space between each level is bigger than any other raclette grill in the market. So more meat or veggies can be added under the cheese.
    o   There are two on/off switches.
    o   Cords are also designed to remind users of its presence so they will not trip over them.
    o   The trays are cast aluminum; the bigger ones are for cooking brie and camembert; no other raclette on the market offers such capacity.
    o   Each tray offers protection for slipping (finger stopper) on the handle and below (tray stoppers) to stay away from the heated elements.

    2 x 450 Watt
    120 Volt for US market
    Made in France
    Manufacturer LaGrange
    UL certified
    2 Year Manufacturer warranty

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