Ozark Mutschli, full wheel, 4 lbs

  • $91.05

Seasonal specialty item

The Ozark Mutschli is an alpine style washed rind cheese. It is made by Swiss Cheese Maker Adrian Buff in Ava, MO, named after the the Ozark Mountains where the dairy farm is located that delivers the milk for this exceptional cheese. It's a treat for every cheese plate!

The full wheel is about 4 lbs. 

Raclette of the Ozarks is supporting a Swiss owned and operated farm and allows us to offer a Swiss raclette cheese made in the USA.  

Made with raw pasteurized cows milk, cultures, vegetarian rennet, salt, 

The cheese will usually ship with UPS ground or US priority mail the following Monday or Tuesday after placing the order. We will contact you if we feel that we can't guarantee the freshness of the cheese by ground shipment. To avoid expedited shipping charges we ship the cheese on ice. Please allow for a fee of $4.00 to cover the cost of ice and foil.

If you need to get the order for a certain date, please check with us at info@raclettecorner.com or call 605 332 5572.

We cannot provide gift wrapping for cheese. 

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