Raclette Gourmet Pyramide

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The Gourmet Pyramide from TTM is a unique raclette grill. With a small footprint it fits on every table. The different tiers allow to separate the different grill goods.

Bigger grilling area

The 4-tiered grill pyramid offers 50% more useable grill area

Different temperatures thanks to special build

Different foods need different temperatures to cook properly. Poultry and pork need higher cooking temperature than beef and lamb; a cherry tomato requires much more gentle cooking than meat. To accomodate this each level reaches a different temperature. The lowest level reaches the highest temperature at about 465F. This is great to initially brown meat items. The higher levels are successively lower in temperature (425F, 355F, 285F) and are used for gentler cooking needs.

Seperate grill areas

The tiers eliminate mixing of sauces and juices from meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. Seperate your grill goods, e.g. white meat below, red meat or fish on the second level, vegetables and fruit higher up.

Made in Switzerland

Includes 4 non-stick dishes

Made for 110 Volt

Demo model!