SUPER raclette melter for rent

SUPER raclette melter and one wheel of cheese for RENT

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Purchase a half wheel of raclette cheese and rent the raclette melter Ambiance!
This rental option allows you to try out the traditional raclette cheese feast without the expense of a melter. Surprise your family and friends with a unique dining experience they will never forget!

We ship you a half wheel (or more) of Raclette cheese and a rental Ambiance Raclette melter including a return label for the machine. You have 14 days from the ship date until you have to send the machine back. FedEx or UPS usually ships within 2-4 business days, that leaves you at least a week to use the machine before you have to send it back. If you have a certain date in mind, let us know and we will ship accordingly. If you later decide to purchase a raclette melter, we will give you a $140 discount for the melter.
We will send you an email reminder what date you should return the machine. If you don't send the raclette back in time we reserve the right to charge your credit card for the cost of the machine, minus $140.
Any damaged or missing parts will result in a charge in the amount of replacement parts. 
We will contact you for your credit card information for a retaining fee. Credit cards are preferred to rent the raclette grill. If you would like to use PayPal, we will need to either keep your credit card information on file until the item is returned, or charge a $500.00 retaining fee to be refunded immediately when the machine is received by our warehouses. 
We recommend about 1/3 to 1/2 pounds of cheese per person. At 12 pounds, a half wheel of Emmi raclette cheese is enough to feed  24-36 people, giving everyone about 4-5 servings of cheese. For side dishes, we recommend 1/2 pound of little new potatoes, boiled in the skin; a jar of gherkins; pearl onions; and some olives. Paprika, nutmeg, and some fresh ground pepper are fantastic as spices. Complete the meal with some traditional dried meat, like our Buenderfleisch, or some prosciutto, salami, or other meats. 
Don't be afraid to experiment! We love traditional raclette, but there are countless delicious variations.
Leave the rind on the cheese! When you remove it from the package, you may need to pat off some excess moisture. If you notice any discoloration, scrape it off with a knife. Place the half wheel in the cheese holder and turn the spindle to adjust its proximity to the heating element. The cheese should be about one inch away from the heat source. Once the cheese begins to bubble and turn golden, the first serving is ready. Turn the cheese away from the heating element and tilt the cheese holder to easily scrape the melted cheese onto a prepared plate. Make sure to turn the cheese counterclockwise to automatically adjust its distance to the heating element. Whoever is lucky enough to get the first serving should dig right in while the next serving is prepared. If a hard brown crust begins to form on the edge of the cheese, cut it off with a serrated knife. It's the best part, called the "religiouse" because it tastes heavenly!
A detailed information sheet explaining how to use and clean the melter will be included. 
For more information and pictures check out our blog post about a traditional raclette dinner.
Take a look at this short video to see what awaits you: VIDEO RACLETTE

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