TTM Super Raclette Melter for 2 1/2 wheels of cheese

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The Super Raclette Melter can gracefully accommodate large gatherings of friends and family. Two 1/2 wheels of cheese (or rectangular pieces of cheese) can alternately be placed under the heating unit. Thus one wheel is melting while the other is being scrapped by a knife onto a prepared plate. (Approximately 45-60 servings per hour.) Features include an elevating and lowering system, which allows for the cheese to be moved the preferred distance from the heating unit. The entire unit spins to allow for alternating of each 1/2 wheel. Once the cheese is melted tip the individual unit to scrap off the cheese. The whole unit may be swiveled out from under the heating element to cease melting.

Made in Switzerland!

The Super is suited to be used in a semi-professional environment such as a buffet or in a restaurant where it is used on special occasion. It is not intended to be used all day everyday for an extended period of time. In this case we recommend to purchase the professional grade raclette melter EVOLENE (for 2 halves) or ZINAL (for one half).

In stock! Ready to ship the next business day!

This unit is also available as a gas powered version. Please contact us at for more information.

Size  20 1/2" W x 11 " D x 13" H

Weight  26 lbs.

Power   1000 Watt, 115 volt (available for 220 volt per request)

Output  45-60 servings per hour

Made in Switzerland       

Manufacturer TTM         

Warranty 24 month limited manufacturer warranty

See how to set up a raclette melter: click here

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