Following are a few reviews we have received directly from our customers:

"Had my first Raclette party yesterday and set up the melter so that everyone could go back again and again and mix and match meats, salad, bread, potatoes and other items to melt cheese on. It was a big hit! Lots of fun with the first snow of the season fresh on the ground, a fire crackling away in the fireplace and holiday music in the background."
Jeffrey, New Jersey

"i have used your products for several years and find them excellent. I think the packaging you do is excellent...which we appreciate in Arizona heat. We had one wheel come dented for some reason and you offered to replace it...i think that is excellent service. We have also enjoyed the smaller cheese items you have sent in the past along with the raclette...that is a nice touch.   We only buy raclette from your site."
Wiley, Arizona

"Thanks for all your help. Cheese is out of this world!  Party was great success. You'll hear from me again!"
Sharon, Alaska

"I called Sonja three nights before a dinner party and she talked me through all the options for having raclette. I took her advice and my 'dinner party' arrived overnight, on time, and it was a great event. Thank you!"
Jana, CA

"I want to thank you for the wonderful cheese and other items you shipped to me. We had a wonderful family dinner and the cheese was delicious. I know I will be ordering from you again. Thanks so much!"
"Dear Sonja, thanks for the perfect service. Everything worked well and my friends were delighted.
Kind regards"

Monika, MI

Your cute note on the box you sent to my son was so sweet of you!  And – he listened!! We had a delightful raclette dinner this weekend and all went as expected…perfect!
Thank you so much for that special touch."

Robin, TX

"We tried the bündnerfleisch last night​ and it was great. It was a bit spicier and saltier than what is produced around Geneva where I'm from, but that isn't a defect at all. I suspect that each region of Switzerland has its local variations and this just makes trying new sources more interesting. I will be buying from you for many years."
Carol, St. Paul, MN

"Following a recent trip to Switzerland, we brought over a wheel of cheese. Due to the voltage difference, 110v cheese melters were not available in Geneva. We found the same make, US compatible model online at the RacletteCorner.com and ordered the TTM Raclette cheese melter Ambiance for 1/2 round of cheese . The website indicated that they would ship it (ground) the very next day. After ordering the melter, allowing time for delivery, we invited some close friends over to try it out. The day following the order, I received an email from Sonja at Raclette Corner relating that there was a delay in receiving the product from Switzerland and it would ship in two days. I replied and asked if it would arrive in time to entertain our friends or whether we should reschedule. Sonja kindly assured us that the raclette melter would arrive on time and asked not to alter our plans. She then followed up by shipping it at the appropriate speed to keep her promise. We have used the melter twice and it works as expected, just like the one’s in Switzerland. (It is after all, the same machine made to work at 110v). What makes the raclettecorner.com different is the service! I would recommend this business (and the TTM Raclette Ambience) whole heartedly."
Kavantissa, CA

Margaret, MA

"What a wonderful party we had for my wife’s 50th birthday! I am so impressed with the lengths you went to in order to ensure that both the melter and the cheese arrived in time for her birthday. The follow-through on your part was amazing, and quite frankly, a bit unexpected. Thank you so much!"
Joel, WA

"Love this cheese; the square format fits in our melter really well."
Mary, Barboursville, VA

"The cheese arrived; we had a wonderful meal; thanks for your great service"

"Dear Sonja, 
What wonderful service! Thank you so very much! And thank you for the lovely recipe! You have really gone above and beyond. I deeply appreciate your kindness!"
Jennifer, Scottsdale, AZ

"You prompt response and personal involvement went truly beyond standard customer service. Thank you so much for such excellent care!"
Gaelle, Waterford, CT

"I have been lucky enough to own a raclette for three years, and we truly enjoy it.  It is a fantastic item to have on the table and to gather around with guests.  The food it produces is great, and the creative food making process even better!
After we bought our raclette, which really is a solid well quality item from Switzerland, we had some  rare trouble with the electrical outlet from the Raclett itself.   I call Raclette corner, and due to their wonderful customer service, they promptly sent me a new one - free of charge.     So, I would strongly recommend anyone new to racelette to get one… and get one from Raclette corner.  The product is top notch quality and so it the customer service.

Thanks again for a nice product and for the great experience we had with you."
Cato H., Sugar Land, TX

"My friend Katharina and her family introduced my husband and me to raclette and the raclette grill during our overseas visit. It was so wonderful that when we arrived home from vacation we just had to buy one. We purchased one but when we decided to host a group or our friends we quickly realized we needed another one and went straight to Sonja at Raclette Corner.

Her first hand experience was wonderful as far as the grill itself, recipes, food, etc. She even has recipes on her site to download along with lots of the accessories needed. I communicated with her both by email and phone and found both experiences delightful. I highly recommend Sonja and her company for your new raclette adventure. We love hosting our own raclette parties in the U.S.A. Thanks Sonja."
Lynda B., St. Louis, MO

"I received an immediate response to my order with a personal email from customer service advising me of the details and timing of shipment. Not only were the products delivered on time with servere weather conditions (items would actually have arrived a few days early than promised!), but the items were very well packed. We have used all the items and they have surpassed my expectations in terms of quality and usefulness!!! The Raclette cheese is perfect and delicious. The Raclette grill, potato/bun warming basket, and serving utensils were very well designed. I will definitely order from this merchant again!!!"

 "Just great service and the products are wonderful. Having lived in Switzerland for over 20 years and now back in the USA, we miss our beloved Swiss products immensely! We are comforted knowing we can get them at RacletteCorner with ease."

"I received confirmation e-mails & shipping e-mails. The products arrived as described and on time. I made one phone call to follow up on part of the order and Sonja Hoffman was wonderful to speak with. I would highly recommend this company for all your raclette needs!"

"The raclette grill is an excellent piece of equipment which is very easy to use and will guarantee a delicious, fun and entertaining dinner. We recently had an international group at our house (including some from the French Alps) who really enjoyed the dinner. The quality is very good and the non stick material ensures that the cheese melts without sticking to the pan."

"An Excellent company to buy from, were out of my original order, shipped a replacement the same day for my party, plan on buying an other one in the next few months."

"I NEEDED this special cheese that I could no longer get near me. Ordered 3 days before our dinner party, Shipped from Wisconsin to Utah in 2 days with the ice packet still partially frozen in it's own disposiable cooler. Of course I payed extra for the quick shipping but I would do it again in a heart beat. I now have Raclette specialty cheese only a few days from me. The lady that I talked to on the phone was wonderful. I ordered online. NO hassle, delay,or disappointment. I Like the extra protection andsecurity of credit cards and personal information with Google express is wonderful. Thank you SOOO much!"

"wonderful. viva la raclette!"

"Perfect! I received one of the best Raclette cheese ever! I am definitely re-ordering from this site again and again."

"I called the store because I was unsure of the confirmation process. The woman (I believe it was the owner) was very helpful and kind. She recognized my order and knew exactly what I was talking about. When the need arises I will definitely buy from this store again. It was a pleasant experience."

"Great. Service was wonderful. The grill arrived safely and since it was a gift for my daughter and son-in-law, we were happy it arrived on time. We already own one and love it so having at this point bought 3 of them, you can say we are satisfied customers."

I called Sonja three nights before a dinner party and she talked me through all the options for having raclette. I took her advice and my 'dinner party' arrived overnight, on time, and it was a great event. Thank you!