Buendnerfleisch from Schaller & Weber in NY, smoked, approx 1.25lbs

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This Buendnerfleisch style smoked beef is made in New York by Schall & Weber and can be found on many menus in NY restaurants.

Thinly sliced with some fresh ground pepper it's a treat on it's own and also pairs well with a traditional raclette.

Original Buendnerfleisch is made in canton Graubuenden, Switzerland, where the air is dry and fresh. Schall & Weber recreated this alpine stable to bring us a little taste of home. It only needs three ingredients: Beef from the top round, salt and sodium nitrate. The beef is dried, pressed and smoked to give it it's unique flavor.

The piece is approximately 1.25 lbs. 

Tip: If you don't have a meat slicer, ask your local butcher to slice as thin as possible!

Buendnerfleisch ships with US postal service beginning of the week.

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