Chaudron d'Or (previous Petit Vaccarinus), 1 lb

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This is a seasonal cheese, produced of cow milk from the end of September until into March only. It is made by Patrick Hauser in Le Lieu in the famous Vallée de Joux. The cheese is wrapped in a bark band, and before it leaves the dairy put into a spruce box. It’s probably the only cheese in the world that has the packaging officially being part of the weight!  Each cheese is about 1 lbs with a 4" diameter.

Chaudron Mont d'Or can be enjoyed at room temperature or heated. If you serve just as it is, at room temp, cut the bumpy, pillowy top part around the edge, like the lid of a can. Then eat/serve the cheese by the spoon. The texture is unctuous, creamy and even can be soupy. Do not discard the top part but put it back onto the cheese before wrapping it up. The cheese will dry out less. 

To serve it warm take off the plastic wrap, then poke the cheese with a knife and drizzle it with Kirsch or white wine. Some people also like to stick some garlic cloves into the paste. Wrap the cheese (still in its box) loosely with aluminum foil - don’t close it completely - and bake it in the oven at 450 degrees until it starts bubbling, about 5-10 minutes. 

Serve it with chunks of bread that you dip into the cheese like with a Fondue, or enjoy it by the spoon.

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Texture: Soft
Producer: Patrick Hauser, Le Lieu (northwestern Switzerland)
Appearance: White to brown to grey mold, fir bark band
Size: ca. 1 lbz, 4 inch diameter
Fat in Dry Matter: Over 50%
Rennet: Animal
Paste: Runny (really, we mean it)
Holes: Almost none
Maturation: Up to 8 weeks
Taste: Fresh grass, cream, barnyard, wood, the tannins from the fir band
Best By: 6 to 8 weeks after packaging
Ingredients: Thermized cow milk, salt, enzymes
Allergens: Milk


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