Swiss Raclette from Alp Maran, full wheel, 11 lbs

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Sold out - use square "wheel" of Alp Maran Raclette

Raclette Alp Cheese from the Swiss Alp Maran  

Full, approx. 11 lbs, washed rind, smooth and fresh flavor, also excellent to consume cold!

We have partnered with Adopt-an-Alp to promote small Swiss cheese makers who still follow the seasons and move their cattle up to the alps where they transform fresh milk from cows that enjoy fresh grasses, flowers and herbs, into delicious alpage cheeses. This seasonal movement is called Transhumance and we are proud to support this 8000 year old tradition.

If you would like to learn more about the program and "our" alp, please check out our blog at Adopt-an-Alp.

This cheese is only available in the winter months.

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