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Posted by Sonja Hoffmann on

Alpage raclette cheese from alp Maran

Marianne, 12/18/2018
Very flavorful

I know where the Alp Maran is but I've never tried their cheese. When I noticed here for sale I had to try it and I was not disappointed. Very, very flavorful and we enjoyed every bite. If "home" had a flavor this would be it. I'm glad I ordered enough to have another raclette evening in the near future, but I know I'll be ordering more. Highly recommend.


Mark, 12/12/2018
6 out of 5 stars

I cut up the cheese and it felt different while cutting with the knife then the Emmi, actually easier and better. Took a small piece and tasted it as is cold. First taste was a bit weird but could not even tell if good or bad just strange and a bit on the sharper side.. 2nd bite it was sharper but I leaned towards not bad or more on the plus side. Then I decided lets see when melted. I never had a cheese that changed the flavor-behavior that much in 3 tastings. It was excellent, I loved it and so did anybody else. It did not taste sharp anymore, smooth but not creamy, somewhat on the chewy side but taste was just great. It was somewhat sticking to our melting plates, like Cheese-Fondue on the bottom of the pot but that was the next surprise. Getting off the cheese from the little plates we tasted it too and that took the crown-taste. Try it one time, slice a very thin piece and cook it on the oven let it get brown (Not Black), scrape it out and you got the most delicious piece of "burned" cheese you ever had. This Cheese 6 (Six) out of 5 Stars. Thanks

Fritz, 11/11/2018
Raclette ALP Maran taste

The cheese it very good. Excellent service form Sonja. Highly recommended.

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