Raclette cheese from Alp Maran is back!

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Are you ready for the new batch of Raclette cheese from Alp Maran? 

We are! There is nothing better than cheese from happy cows!

Happy cows grazing and resting on the alp in Arosa, Graubuenden

Alp Maran (Sennerei Maran) in Arosa, Graubuenden, Switzerland receives the milk from the 4 adjacent dairy farms, Alp Prätsch, Alp Carmenna, Alp Sattel and of course Alp Maran. The cows are enjoying their summers munching on fresh grass and herbs.

The milk is processed on the same day that the cows were milked, meaning this cheese is as fresh as it gets.

Cheese making on Alp maran

In the fall the cows are transported back to the valley and the alps are converting into ski sloops. Carmenna and Praetschli are the names of ski lifts, and the Sattel Huette offers refreshments on the Brueggerhorn. You can still visit Alp Maran. They are open year round with a store and restaurant to enjoy the fruits of the summer. 

Cheese from Alp Maran

Getting Raclette from Maran is the next best thing to actually being there. Don't delay, supply of Maran alpage cheese from Arosa is limited.

Buy raclette cheese from Alp Maran here!

To learn more about the alp and the Adopt-an-Alp program check out our blog: Adopt-an-Alp

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