Raclette cheese from Alp Maran is arriving

Posted by Sonja Hoffmann on

For the past two years, Raclette cheese from Alp Maran has been the clear favorite of the RacletteCorner community. The cheese is made in the Alps of Arosa, a popular ski resort in Graubuenden, Switzerland. During the summer months, the cows are brought up to the alps, grazing on fresh grass and herbs. This rich and flavorful milk is the basis for a variety of Alp cheeses, including our Maran raclette.

Raclette cheese on Alp Maran

We receive the cheese through a program called Adopt-an-Alp that supports small creameries that are still working by the old ways, bringing the cows up to the Alps at the beginning of the summer until it gest too cold. Learn more about Alp Maran here

If you would like to try our famous Maran raclette, order now! The cheese is ready to ship on November 8th. Don't miss out and get your Maran cheese now. 

Take a look at just another day on Alp Maran:

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