What's happening on Alp Maran?

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Heat and Drought in Switzerland

July was a very busy and strenuous month. Due to the hot weather they sold about 2200 lbs of yogurt every week! And they also needed a lot more butter than other years. Arnold, the butter veteran, joined the team for two weeks and made 3100 lbs in that span. 

Several alps had to end their transhumance early and bring their cows down to the valley due to the excessive heat and drought.

Colder weather moving in on Alp Maran

Alp Maran in Arosa was lucky, the weather finally brought some much needed rain and cooler temperatures. They are still able to get about 3300 l (870 gal) of milk every day and produce around 60 wheels of Alpkäse Maran. 





On August 1, Alp Maran celebrated the Swiss National Day with their traditional brunch. Every year they get more people that join them for this event.

August 1st Brunch on Alp Maran

Cheese is being packed to age in the cellars in the valleyBy the middle of August, most vacationers are leaving town and it is quieting down a bit.

This is also the time to send about 2500 wheels of cheese to the aging cellar in Landquart, down in the valley. We can't wait for the raclette cheese to be ready for shipment!

Walter Niklaus, the master cheese maker, now even gets a day off once in a while. He spends it either with his family or he visits another Alp. 

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  • When will you carry raclette cheeses with garlic or with peppercorns?

    Rick Szal on

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