Carbon offset: Saving the world one package at a time

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Every time we ship you a package, the emission that results from transportation leaves a carbon footprint. 

As an e-commerce company, shipping is an essential part of our business, so we won’t be able to avoid it entirely. Instead, we are doing our best to be carbon neutral, doing something to help offset our carbon footprint.

Our website is hosted by Shopify, an e-commerce platform. In the last year alone, Shopify merchants have shipped about 1.1 billion packages! According to Shopify, the average package causes about 2.2 lbs of CO2 emission, the equivalent of letting a 43-watt light bulb run for 1.5 days.

We are proud to have joined Shopify and many other merchants to combat the destruction of the rainforest. The rainforest, whose vegetation absorbs vast amounts of CO2, is often called the lungs of the earth. Around 30% of annual carbon emissions are captured by forest growth globally. 

Through Shopify’s Offset program, for every package we ship, we donate to the Jari Pará Forest Conversation Project . By helping to prevent the deforestation of the Amazon, we not only assure the CO2 absorption but also help to keep an ecosystem alive that is home to many endangered animal and plant species.

Since RacletteCorner started the program in December 2020, Offset estimates that we have protected 7.6 acres of forest.

Rainforest in Brazil

Shopify has a great blog post that explains the subject in more detail. Read more about carbon offsets here.

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