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RacletteCorner is adding a new product line: Raclette from the cheesemaker Jumi. Jumi is located in beautiful Emmenthal, canton Bern. The family behind Jumi has made cheese for 5 generations. The milk comes from surrounding small family farms. The largest farm has just 28 head of cows. In the summertime, the cows are brought up to the higher alps, plugging away on fresh grass and herbs. In the winter the cows are fed hay, never silage. 

Cows grazing in Switzerland


Twice a day the cows are milked and the milk is brought, still warm, by tractor, horse, or even dogs to the creamary.

Milking cows


Only flawless milk from healthy cows is used to make a variety of raw milk cheeses.

Jumi takes the Raclette business seriously. They offer a big variety of original and flavored raclette cheeses. Less serious is the art work that they use for their logo and cheeses.

No Love - No Cheese is their motto! 

Jumi Cheese USA

My family and close raclette friends had the pleasure of tasting the different raclette cheeses under supervision of Simon who joined us from the creamary in Switzerland by Zoom. He explained the process of cheese making and where they source the different herbs (basil, wild herbs, hemp) that go in some of the flavored raclettes. Grandma finds the herbs on her walks, and grows her own which are used in the various raclette cheeses

View in Emmental
An age old recipe is used to make the raclette in all it's varietions.

The fresh milk goes in the vat where home made cultures and animal rennet are added. 

Milk in vat
After the milk has curdled and is pressed, the future wheels receive a brine bath.
maturing cheese cellar
The cheese is matured in the cellars of Zäziwil, Bern, where they wash the wheels with water from their own spring. 
cheese is washed
The resulting cheeses tastes fresh and clean and sends a picture of the alps from your taste butts to your imagination.
Raclette nature
The cheese has a fantastic flavor, not too strong to be overwhelming, but not too subtle either. The melting quality is perfectly smooth.
Melted Jumi Raclette cheese


To start, RacletteCorner will offer the original Raclette "Grossvättu", a matured natural raclette cheese, the smoked raclette, and the raclette cheese with pink peppercorns. All cheeses come in half squares which makes it easy to slice. The raclette from Jumi (pronounce "you-me") will be available year-round!Jumi raclette natural

Smoked raclette from Jumi
Pink Peppercorn raclette from Jumi



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