Do you Raclette?

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You've seen the melty, gooey, deliciousness called Raclette, right? You really want to try it? Unless you live close to NY or the Tampa area of FL and a few other secret spots where raclette is being served you are out of luck. But don't despair! RacletteCorner is now offering a raclette melter for rent. You get the melter, the cheese, shipping labels to return the machine and enough time to try it out. Who wouldn't want to be invited to your raclette party? My family and I took a few pictures last weekend from out raclette feast to show you how it's done.

Raclette machine Ambiance and side dishes

The machine is set up, potatoes are boiled (we had some from my friends garden!) and in the insulated basket, a mixed salad is ready, some olives, bread still in the oven, Buenderfleisch, some fresh pepper and raclette spices.

Raclette Cheese in cheese holder of the raclette melter

The half wheel of Emmi Raclette Cheese is placed in the cradle of the raclette machine. The thumb screw and bar holds the cheese in place. By turning the cheese holder around the long screw in the middle of the base, the distance between the cheese and the heating element is adjusted. 

 Emmi Raclette Cheese under the heating element of the Raclette Melter

See the cheese bubble....

The edge of the cheese should be about 2" away from the heat source. Turn the cheese under the heat, flip the switch and wait. Is your mouth watering yet?

Raclette cheese melted and ready to be scraped onto the prepared plate

The cheese is ready when the edge is bubbly and starts to get brown. The cheese holder is turn away from under the heating arm and tipped up, ready to have the melted cheese scrapped off the wheel and onto the prepared plate.

 Cheese scraped of the raclette wheel

 In about one minute the next serving is ready.

 Doesn't this look delicious? Are you ready to try it yourself? Please click here to get more details regarding price, timing, and general information. You will also find the recipe!


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