Interview with TTM's Pascal Burkard - Part 3

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Interview part 3 of 4 with TTM's CEO Pascal:

5. Do you have a story about the weirdest way people have used your raclette melter, besides the paragliding adventure?

I must admit that the paragliding adventure is hard to beat. In any case, you can't make classic raclette while flying. There should be a very electrifying atmosphere. 

Our mobile gas raclette machines, on the other hand, have already been used on water while sailing, but this is not so extreme. Quite peculiar, however, is this gentleman's way of scraping off the raclette portion with a ski. Please do not copy! All you can wish for is a good appetite.

Ski scraper from RacletteCorner on Vimeo.


6. What’s the weirdest or most awesome customized raclette melter that you have fabricated?

We prefer not to produce "crazy" things, but we did some special jobs that some people apparently liked. One example is a very striking version, which we internally call "Bling Bling".
Bling Bling Raclette Melter by TTMWe produced this model for the first time for a music festival here in Valais dedicated to electronic music. The festival is called “Electroclette”! It combines regional cultural heritage with electronic music (dancefloor).
 By the way, this festival is an example of what I mentioned before in connection with globalisation and modernity. The Electroclette succeeds in making dialogue tradition and modernity, appetite of the ears and the stomach, caloring! 


Bling Bling TTM Ralette Melter during the Winter Olympics in KoreaThese "Bling Bling" devices were also used at events at the last Winter Olympics in South Korea. We also produce them for customers looking for a special birthday present. 

 here for the last part of the interview (including a secret recipe)...

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