Spotlight: Kaeserei Oberli - Cheese maker in St. Gallen

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Meet the team that brought you the Risler Raclette Cheese!

Risler raclette cheese is crafted under the supervision of master cheese maker Christian Oberli at Kaserei Oberli. They are a 3rd generation family business, founded in 1926. The Kaeserei is located in Rossruetti, by Wil in St. Gallen, Switzerland at more than 2000 feet elevation.

Kaeserei Oberli in Canton St. Gallen bei Wil

They receive their milk from 30 dairy farms in the Wil area. The cows are grass fed (silage free) and Oberli is emphasizing natural animal husbandry and consideration for the issues of animal protection.

Happy cows grazing on fresh grass in Canton St. Gallen

Besides raclette cheese, Kaeserei Oberli makes a variety of semi-hard to hard cheeses. 15 different cheeses delight customers in Switzerland and Germany as well as cheese lovers abroad and Asia. 

Productline of Kaeserei Oberli

Kaeserei Oberli processes more than 10,000 gallons of milk each year with a storage capacity for 30,000 wheels of cheese. Below a few pictures of the cheese making process and aging.

Kaeserei Oberli cheese ready for brine bath

The curds have been pressed and are ready for their brine bath

 Kaeserei Oberli cheese in shelves aging

Raclette Cheese is aging in the shelves

Last inspection of the cheese by cheese maker Christian Oberli

Master cheese maker Christian Oberli gives the cheese a final inspection

The Risler raclette cheese that we offer here in the US is Alpine style cheese, made with pasteurized milk, washed with brine and aged for four months. The flavor is described by the cheese maker as custard, yogurt and garlic, with a long finish. Its paste is firm, dense and flaky, speckled with protein crystals. The rind develops with a natural film, resulting in a slightly reddish colored rind. 

Raclette Cheese Risler from Kaeserei Oberli

The square form of the Risler makes it perfect to slice for the dishes of your raclette grill. Its melting qualities and the nice rind works great on a raclette melter as well.

Would you like to try this wonderful cheese now? Order it here!


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