Sweet Raclette Sandwich for Breakfast

Posted by Sonja Hoffmann on

This recipe is becoming a favorite in our raclette family. Sweet pears paired with raclette cheese and drizzled with honey. A heavenly combination.

You need:
Sliced canned pears
Sliced raclette cheese
mixed greens (just a little for decoration)
Ciabatta bun

Warm up the bun on your raclette grill top. Put the sliced cheese into the dishes of your raclette grill and place under the heating element to melt.

put some leaves of mixed green on the bottom of the ciabatta bun, place sliced pears evenly onto the bun, drizzle with honey, top it with the melted raclette cheese and put the top of the bun on.

Raclette cheese is slathered onto the pear sandwich

Voila! Breakfast is served!

Breakfast sandwich with raclette cheese and pears on ciabatta bread

If you don't have a raclette grill you can put the sliced cheese on a plate in your oven or you can get one of the candlelight raclettes!

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