Visiting the cellars of Raclette of the Ozarks

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The raclette cheese from Grison Creamery has been aging for a few weeks now. Here are some picture of the aging "cellar" with cheese maker Adrian.

Adrian in the cheese cooler

Different cheeses are washed with different cultures. The 2 rows on the left are the raclette wheels. The special brine that Adrian uses to wash the wheels keeps the mold from growing while the cheese below is getting a natural rind which gives the "Grisontaler" it's flavor.

The raclette wheels are looking good.

Raclette cheese after aging for a few weeks

With a special tool, Adrian has pulled a cheese sample.  

This cheese sampling tool is used to test the readiness of aged cheese without cutting it open. When inserted into cheese a sample core can be removed, the sample is evaluated for taste and texture, the remaining plug is then pushed back into the aging cheese. Adrian reports that the cheese is developing a nice flavor.

When done testing, the opening around the plug is sealed with a smear of the cheese sample to prevent mold from entering the cheese body.

cheese testing during aging process

Adrian's father Heinz approves of his son's work!

Heinz and Adrian Buff inspecting the cheese

We are expecting the cheese to be ready sometimes mid September!

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