College Candlelight Raclette

Posted by Sonja Hoffmann on

Who says that you can't eat well while in College? These Freshmen know what's good and brought their Candlelight Raclette with them to start their second semester in style! 

They used the Alpine Candlelight Raclette Melter and a block of Raclette Cheese. The cheese was served on little boiled potatoes, salami slices and a delicious mixed green salad with walnuts, fresh mixed berries and raspberry vinaigrette.

The Alpine Candlelight Raclette comes with 4 tealights, 2 dishes and 2 spatulas.

Alpine Candlelight Raclette Melter set up


It takes about one minute to get from here:

Raclette Cheese in dishes to melt on the Alpine Raclette Melter

to there:

Melted Raclette Cheese in dishes of the Alpine Raclette Melter

In the meantime the plates have been prepped:

Dinner plates prepped for the melted raclette cheese

And now the finale:





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