Spice up your Raclette Party

Posted by Sonja Hoffmann on

I receive a lot of emails and calls for raclette spices. In Switzerland you can buy those at every grocery store. I thought about importing them but the cost to do so are so high and it takes so little time to make your own, that I decided to share the recipe with you.
All you need is what you see above. White and black ground pepper, ground nutmeg. While it is best to grind the ingredients fresh, good quality ground can be used as well.

Raclette Spices

Mix it as follow:
5 parts white pepper
5 parts black pepper
1 part nutmeg

Find an empty spice jar, fill it with the fresh grounds and you made your own raclette spices.
Boiled new potatoes covered in melted raclette cheese sprinkled with these spices are just wonderful! I also like to add some paprika powder, spicy or mild.

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