The Sky is the Limit (and other fantastic raclette tales)!

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Ever wondered how other people enjoy raclette? Here a list of unusual places or ways to enjoy our beloved cheesy goodness.

Ski Scraper

This guy is so determined to get his raclette fix, he uses his skis in absence of a raclette knife to scrape off the melted raclette.

Ski scraper from RacletteCorner on Vimeo.

Ski lift

These guys figured out a way to utilize the ski lift in the summer by simultaneously enjoying their favorite alpine food. For those who don't speak Swiss German, the older gentleman was surprised that they have raclette in the summer but they replied that in the winter they would ski down the hill with no time to enjoy the meal.

They are using the portable raclette grill 'Racly'!

On the water
Raclette on the boat's grill

After a long day on the water melted raclette cheese is always welcome. This is the dish from the Candlelight Raclette Melter Nordic.






Reaching for the sky

Some people prefer wind over water. Who said you can't enjoy raclette in the sky with a Candlelight Raclette?

The way it all started

A more traditional approach is made here by recreating where raclette came from. Up in the alps over a fire!

If you want to recreated this on the mountains or just your back yard, our Raclette Tongs "Flame" make it much easier to hold your cheese to the fire.

Metro Dinner in Paris

We all know how hard it can be to get a table at your favorite restaurant. So why wait in line if you can enjoy your raclette in the metro during your commute? These gentleman are having a blast. Click on the picture to see the video and read about their story.

Photo: Screengrab Smart Joker of Paris

Photo: Screengrab Smart Jokers of Paris




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