BBQ + Raclette = Barbeclette

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Memorial Day Weekend is the start of BBQ season here in South Dakota and most of the Midwestern United States. We enjoy being outside and cook our food on the BBQ grill. Does that mean that we have to renounce our beloved raclette? Of course not.

Barbecletter with a couple slices of raclette cheese on the grill



We found a solution. The Barbeclette is a little rectangular pan with a handle. It holds slices of raclette cheese and is placed on the grill just before the rest of the food is ready.

 Raclette cheese is melting in the barbeclette


Almost ready!


Once it's nice and bubbly it can be scraped over mixed roasted vegetables, a grilled chicken breast or used to top of a traditional cheese burger.


 Raclette cheese and roasted vegetables from the BBQ grill

Here we had roasted yellow and red pepper stripes and some sliced zucchinis. Mixed with little oil and seasoned with roasted garlic and herbs. The combination with the French Raclette cheese is my personal favorite grilled raclette and a great vegetarian meal.



 Raclette cheese melted on the BBQ grill over grilled chicken breast


For those that need more proteins, the cheese was poured over grilled chicken breast and was also very tasty.




 Raclette cheese burger


And of course the all time favorite: The American Cheese Burger!





Since the discovery of the barbeclette we've had several meals from the grill with raclette, I'm not always allowed to take pictures but use your imagination. The bubbly, melted raclette cheese goes with about everything! What are you waiting for? Get yours today! Buy now!

And last but not least a little sneak peek at how it's done:

Barbeclette from RacletteCorner on Vimeo.


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